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hi just reporting in have lost 18lbs up to date and would like to say thank -you very much for your help will update with a picture as and when


Just have to write and tell you that after 23 years of NOT being able to fly after just two sessions with you I have just returned from the most awesome holiday in the algarve. I am a new woman and cannot believe that after weeks of sleepless nights and bouts of pure panic that I would be loving the take off the landing and taking photos of the most beautiful views and fluffy clouds lol. I've just booked the next holiday so once again a massive thank you for  setting me free.....Shirley valentine here I come lol.   Gail

Thank you very much for the email. I have been sleeping very well! It's great! Forgot what it was like to sleep! The mp3's all work fine and are all uploaded onto my ipod ready to take away.
I will let you know how I'm getting on and will make it my aim to get into better eating habits for when I return so I have some good news for you!
Thanks for all your help... so far I am more than impressed! Will definitely be recommending you,  Shelley

Hi andy!...had the best holiday! flights were brilliant! i was calming my mum and friend down lol. had a few iffy moments but nothing bad! went better than i could ever have imagined!! really didnt want to come home!...:) thank you for your help....and would be good to talk about motivation and goals

Many thanks


Great service. I can honestly say andy has changed my outlook on quite a few things.


Assured Effects - Hypnotherapy EXCELLENT!!!!! stress major hair loss not sleeping all sorts of problems after treatment hair almost all returned sleeping like a log all sorts of other problems but nothing important i'd recommend Assured Effects - Hypnotherapy anytime and they give you back-up support if you need it


Andrew has a real passion for the work. He is a clear thinker and this helps him identify a clients problem quickly and accurately which sets him apart from the rest. I can highly recommend him as a hypnotherapist but more importantly as a caring human being.


Thanks for your help, am completely back on track with diet and exercise.


Thank you so much for seeing me, was amazed when i saw the first, of many RED cars on the way home ! I feel so much more positive and in control now, I'm actually looking forward to the challenge of my weight loss as I know I will do it this time.

Will up-date you with the progress, thanks again, take care ..…

...... hope ur well and had a good weekend. Just as i was feeling a little disheartened, after the odd slip up ! Today i got into a pair of  trousers for work that ive not been able to wear in ages ...... woo hoo,  heres to the next size down and goodbye 'fat clothes' !! Just the encouragement needed !


Thought you might like a little feedback after my gastric band 'op' yesterday.  I ate very little at the party last night and didn't feel any worse for it and had a breakfast of egg and mushrooms this morning.  The interesting bit was I gave myself a small prawn cocktail and crackers at lunch which was lovely until I ate a handful of nuts afterwards. Now I feel overly full and a little sick so I won't be doing that again!

Thank you so much for helping me turn my life around. And for being with me when I took the first steps down the “Right” path.


I am continuing to follow the approach steps you talked me through and am beginning to see the results which is really encouraging me.  Have to be honest I don’t remember the last time I was hungry!! – so THANK YOU!!


When I heard I had my first Mixed Martial Arts fight coming up, I naturally told all my friends.  This was when Andy approached me and said he could help and give me that edge over my opponent.  Without getting into the little details about how time works and how time is all relative, I will tell you that within a session of therapy my subconscious believed it could control time and I could see everything unfolding before me ahead of time. Well with this on my side how could I lose? I didn't!  I went into my fight confident in myself, confident in my training, confident in my trainers and confident in my corner.  Then on top of all of this I had that edge, this special ability to control time.  I was given a gift.   

Now if I had all that with only one session, just how much more belief in myself can I achieve with more sessions?  How much can I accomplish?  What else is possible with this? The possibilities are endless!


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