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Smoking is the practice in which tobacco is burned and the smoke tasted or inhaled. The message that 'smoking is bad for you' sadly is an old one, so not everyone gives it their full attention. The products that are most damaging are:

Some smokers, especially those who have smoked for years, believe that the damage to their health is irreversible. However it is never too late to stop smoking, and the benefits of quitting start immediately.


Stop Smoking - Assured Effects Hypnotherapy

If you are a long-term smoker, on average, your life expectancy is about 10 years less than a non-smoker. About 100,000 people in the UK die each year due to smoking, and about half of all smokers die from smoking-related diseases such as:

Smoking also has other harmful effects on your body:

At today's prices, a 20-a-day smoker will spend more than £50,000 over the next 20 years

Hypnotherapy is a very successful way to stop smoking. Smokers often believe that they are addicted to nicotine. The physical addiction to nicotine however is minimal and it is in fact the psychological habit which smokers are addicted to. Hypnotherapy overcomes the psychological addiction by using the power of your subconscious mind to change your thoughts process on smoking. Hypnosis allows the habit of being a smoker to be replaced with the habit of being a non-smoker in a single session.


Stop Smoking - Assured Effects HypnotherapyStop Smoking - Assured Effects HypnotherapyQuit Smoking - Assured Effects Hypnotherapy

The Good News! ....


It’s never too late to give up smoking and the body can recover remarkably quickly as soon as we quit.  




20 minutes

Blood pressure and pulse return to normal

8 hours

Nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in the blood are halved, oxygen levels in the blood return to normal

24 hours

Carbon monoxide is eliminated from the body and the lungs start to clear out the build up of tar

48 hours

There is no nicotine left in the body. Taste and smell are greatly improved.

72 hours

Breathing becomes easier, bronchial tubes begin to relax, energy levels increase

2 - 12 weeks

Circulation improves, making walking and running a lot easier

3 - 9 months

Coughs, wheezing and breathing problems improve as the lungs have room for up to 10 per cent more oxygen

1 year

Risk of heart attack is halved

10 years

Risk of lung cancer is halved

15 years  

Risk of heart attack is at the same level as non-smokers

The Bay 102.8 Radio drive time presenter Lisa Rudge visited Andy at Assured Effects over 5 years ago on National No Smoking day to have hypnotherapy to stop smoking.

Watch the video above to hear how the hypnosis session went!

Now 5 years later later she still has no desire to smoke and is happily a non-smoker.

Stopping smoking with hypnosis is achieved in one 90 minute session and comes with full after care support.

Now is the time to quit smoking for good - just think a smoke free life! Give us a call now and we will talk you through just how easy (and pain-free!) it is.

Radio Presenter stops smoking with Assured Effects   

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Smoking - How hypnotherapy can help   

Smoking - Did you know?   

Hospital admissions (2015/16)

Deaths (2015)

Adult smoking prevalence (2016)

Andy Cox, clinical hypnotherapist at Assured Effects, was a smoker for nearly 30 years before he gave up smoking with hypnotherapy. Click here to give up smoking now!

Stop Smoking - Assured Effects Hypnotherapy

I’ve smoked 30 cigarettes a day since I was 13, and I’ve never had a days illness in my life. Tomorrow I celebrate my 80th birthday, and I’m going to stay in the house all day and watch telly so I don’t get run over by a bus.

Albert Nobacon, Bedlington

My granddad smoked 30 cigarettes a day from the age of 13 and never had a days illness in his life. Yesterday on his 80th birthday a bus skidded on a patch of ice and ploughed through his living room wall while he was watching telly. He was killed instantly. And they say smoking isn’t bad for you!

Kirsty Nobacon, Bedlington

I’m a bus driver and I’ve lost count of the number of grandfathers I have run over and killed on their 80th birthdays after enjoying a lifetime of illness-free heavy smoking. My nerves got so bad as result of all the accidents that I took up smoking and immediately caught cancer. If only I had listened to people who said smoking was bad for you.

Frank Bowles, e-mail

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Local Drive Time Radio Presenter Stops Smoking with Assured Effects Hypnotherapy


An age old problem?

80% Of smokers start the habit in their teens; a best friend, a boy, a girl, looking cool. It’s easy to start smoking as a teen, death is a long way away, and looking cool is way more important. What’s the reason to smoke now? Surely at 40 it doesn’t look quite so clever?


Hypnotherapy addresses the reasons why we are dependent on cigarettes and why we smoked in the first place. Our bodies want to be clear of the smoking poisons; hypnotherapy de-clutters the mind of the old, stagnant beliefs so the body can be clean, and the mind determined to succeed. Hypnotherapy is statistically one of the most successful ways to stop smoking and break free. We work with a one off session for you to completely stop. Hypnotherapy increases the WANT to get rid of cigarettes; get them gone … forever

Stop Smoking - Assured Effects Hypnotherapy

Now is the time to act!

The kettle boils, the switch flicks off, and just like that we think, time for a cigarette.

Stop Smoking - Assured Effects HypnotherapyHypnotherapy breaks down our subconscious associations with smoking. Every day we go through processes that link to reinforcing the smoking behaviour through repetition, after all the more we practise the easier it gets. Why not choose to practise a new, cleaner, clearer way of living with no desire to smoke and every desire to be free?

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Assured Effects Hypnotherapy - Thank youI can honestly say Andy was brilliant and 1 year to the day I have no cravings and feel like I never smoked (15+yrs). Thanks Andy and I would fully recommend this to anyone considering stopping.. Simon

Apart from the fact that I haven't smoked for over 6 months its the fact that I haven't even wanted to which has been so good. Best money I've ever spent. Sophie